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Customer Development Academy – On Boarding Process

Aligning and Engaging

Unilever was challenged by an increasingly fast changing world of more informed and challenging consumers / shoppers, stronger retail customers, greater competition, a more transient workforce and new technology. With such challenge, the most significant focus should be on the most important assets of the company, the Brands and the most important resource in building our Brands, our people.

XPotential were asked by Unilever Thailand to develop a “Customer Development Academy” approach of aligned and engaging programmes that would help their teams to Know, Understand, Believe and Act in the best interest of Unilever’s Brands and Business with their key customers.

Building a Strong Foundation

XPotential worked with the Unilever team to create an 8 module Customer Development On-Boarding Process.

XPotential worked with the Unilever team to create a fully encompassing Academy of 8 modules including; Channel Overview, Sales Fundamentals, Sales Calls and Finance Acumen.

These 8 modules were developed to ensure that they built a strong foundation for Unilever by ensuring that all newcomers had a clear understanding of the Unilever strategy, structure, knowledge and tools necessary for them to be successful in their roles.

To roll out these trainings across the company, XPotential held a series of Train the Trainer Workshops, training the core skills for successful facilitation of the 8 modules. Shortly after the workshops, the trainers were invited back into a Masterclass where they could present the modules using the skills and knowledge they had previously learnt enabling them to receive feedback and make improvements before running their own training.

Powerful Training

After the training, Unilever had a team of competent and knowledgeable trainers that were able to successfully apply the skills and techniques learned from the workshop to train Unilever newcomers in CD On Boarding workshop.

Unilever Customer Development Academy On Boarding Process

Unilever Customer Development Academy On Boarding Process