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Creating Organisational Change

Implementing a New Innovation Infrastructure

Inspired by the group vision to build competitive advantage, by constantly leveraging a pioneering spirit, innovation and excellence, the leadership of Generali implemented their ‘Innovation Infrastructure’; a group-wide knowledge sharing system, network and processes designed to promote innovation capabilities and drive the innovation portfolio. To build a training curriculum to support the implementation of the Innovation Framework across all companies of the Generali Group.

For this new ‘Innovation Infrastructure’ to really work and to get buy in from teams across the group. Generali approached XPotential to build a training curriculum to support the implementation of the new framework.

A Solid Innovation Framework

XPotential worked with a core Generali team to develop 4 distinct modules within the framework:

  • Module 1: Scoping the project – to know and understand the overall strategic direction of the business and to develop Global and Local value propositions into outstanding innovation projects that build on the brands of the business.
  • Module 2: Customer centric ideation – to know and understand how to use information to develop deep customer understanding that will drive them to develop innovative solutions, turning them into compelling customer concepts for testing with customers.
  • Module 3: Customer centric development – to know and understand how to test and develop optimised concepts through an iterative process, creating an indisputable business case for the launch of the idea.
  • Module 4: Implementation – to know and understand how to bring a concept to life in the market.

Once the modules were complete XPotential carried out a series of Train the Trainer trainings for the internal trainers of Generali to be skilled in the design, content and delivery of the training programme.

A Positive and Customer Focused Innovation Culture

The training helped to create a positive and customer focused innovation culture, through training the innovation framework to Innovation Champions and Country Heads of Innovation, from early 2010. Since that time a number of successful, customer-focused projects have been carried out in Italy and Austria and 3 programmes in Poland, including an online system for agents.

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