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Creating a Stronger Brand Alignment

Alignment and Heritage

With over 20 million customers and 36,000 staff, Tesco Lotus contacted XPotential to develop stronger alignment behind its brand for all employees. The aim was to make it the brand more sustainable and to maintain their position as the leading retailer. The challenge was to align with the Tesco brand, whilst keeping the distinct Lotus heritage.

Collaborating to Understand and Live the Brand from Board Level

Using a very collaborative and interactive approach, XPotential worked with the brand and its people to determine brand understanding and how to strengthen it so that all employees, from board level, not only understood the brand but believed in it and acted upon it.

The Brand at the Heart of the Organisation

The internal awareness of the brand and its vital role were revitalised. Board alignment and key brand materials were refreshed, and it led Tesco Lotus to become one of Tesco’s most successful international businesses, with sales of £161m in 2011 – a 42% increase over 4 years.

Tesco Lotus


Tesco Lotus Creating a Stronger Brand Alignment – XPotential

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XPotential has helped to raise the core role our Values play in delivering the Tesco Lotus Brand to its customers. They are a collaborative and challenging consultancy, who understands the importance of putting the Brand at the heart of our organisation.

Marketing Operations Director, Tesco Lotus

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