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The XPotential global team are experienced business professionals with a passion for building brands and aligning people to deliver outstanding results.

We work through proven processes, with tools and concepts that are practical, relevant and logical. We pride ourselves on delivering more than what is expected – going that extra mile. Our daily actions are focused on delivering client projects in ways that make a perceivable difference to their Brands and their Businesses.

  • Steve Sowerby XPotential

    Steve Sowerby


  • Julie Hayward

    Julie Hayward

    Finance Director

  • Mike Harley XPotential ANZ

    Mike Harley

    Country Director Australia

  • Sergio Santos XPotential Brazil

    Sergio Santos

    Country Director Brazil

  • Felicity Crossland XPotential

    Felicity Crossland

    Office and Project Manager

  • Emma Sowerby XPotential

    Emma Sowerby

    Project Manager

  • Sita Sussangkarn XPotential

    Sita Sussangkarn

    Associate Project Manager

  • Sam Wright XPotential

    Sam Wright


  • Elizabeth Morris XPotential

    Elizabeth Morris

    Senior Associate

  • Kevin McFarthing Innovation Fixer

    Kevin McFarthing


  • Heike Duerichen CreativeLoft

    Heike Dürichen


  • Trevor Gore

    Trevor Gore


  • Jan Gaysek

    Jan Gaysek


  • Ludger Schalkamp

    Ludger Schalkamp


  • Luis Barrio

    Luis Barrio


  • Agustin Piedrabuena

    Agustin Piedrabuena


  • Oxana Kuzmina

    Oxana Kuzmina


  • Maya Itani - Itani & Company

    Maya Itani


  • Ratha Techa-Apichoke

    Ratha Techa-Apichoke

    Associate Thailand

  • Milin Debhakam

    Milin Debhakam

    Associate Thailand

  • Tejit Aphichari

    Tejit Aphichari

    Associate Thailand

  • Warintorn Weradarujirang

    Warintorn Weradarujirang

    Associate Thailand

  • Jantana Pansathit

    Jantana Pansathit

    Associate Thailand

  • Pin Kee Lam

    Pin Kee Lam

    Associate Thailand

  • Jeff Hamilton

    Jeff Hamilton

    Associate Thailand

  • Lorraine Harley XPotential ANZ

    Lorraine Harley

    Office Manager - Australia

  • Holly Howes XPotential ANZ

    Holly Howes

    Marketing Intern - Australia

  • Dr. Angel Gonzalez

    Dr. Angel Gonzalez

    Senior Associate ANZ