Exploding the potential of people to build brand equity

Why choose us

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Our goal is to help our clients accelerate their growth potential, aligning their people to a brand centric strategy and building their competencies that empower them to create value for the business.

We are…


We combine common sense with inventive solutions to meet the demands of ever changing brand environments.

Straight Talking

Our communication is honest, clear and transparent.

Authoritative Without Arrogance

We are approachable and actively listen to gain understanding and engage in dialogues not monologues. We combine past experience with present day market understanding to better enable brands to exploit future opportunities.

We believe in…

Delivering Brand Centred Solutions

Brands live and die by the impact their ‘contact’ has across their customers and consumers. Every contact must be a credit to their brand equity.

Going Below The Surface

Understanding the underlying issues, not just the symptoms, will lead to the most powerful brand equity building solutions.

Being Constructive In Collaboration

Long term brand value is only built when every individual in an organisation, knows, understands, believes and acts in their role in the best interest of the Brand.

Meet our team

XPotential Create Value for your Business

Some of the brands we have worked with

  • Pfizer
  • Tesco
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Bieresdorf
  • Pepsico
  • Merck
  • Generali
  • Boots
  • Dairy Australia

Our Programme Pillars

We listen, understand, develop and implement tailor-made programmes and tools to deliver your business objectives through your people. Click on our programme pillars below to learn more.

Brand Building - Our portfolio of Brand Building programmes focus on delivering sustainable strategies, development and management of brands. - XPotential

Brand Building

Delivering sustainable strategies, development and management of brands

Delivering Innovation through Innovation Strategy - XPotential

Delivering Innovation

Creating breakthrough brand building innovations

Sales & Shopper Marketing – Deliver, Communicate and Build Brands – XPotential

Sales & Shopper Marketing

Creating winning opportunities in store with customers and shoppers

Consumer Healthcare Training Academy – XPotential

CHC Training Academy

Global Programme of open and customised workshops for insightful, practical and inspiring training dedicated to consumer healthcare

Managing Change – Change Management Processes – XPotential

Managing Change

Motivating and leading individuals and teams using competency development and executive learning

Market Intelligence and Insights – Developing Powerful Insights – XPotential

Market Intelligence & Insights

The development of sustainable, powerful and deep insights and understanding