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Building Competencies in Developing Shopper Insights

Developing Deep and Meaningful Insights

Using data to develop deep insights for shoppers and customers and then to build excellent sell-in stories is an important skill for brands. For Lays in Thailand this had become a pressing issue as its growth was under-performing the market, basket penetration at Tesco had dropped and customer penetration and purchases of potato chips had dropped too. In order to achieve growth Lays knew that the strength was in the development of consumer insights.

Turning Insights into Sell-In Stories

XPotential worked with Lays to create an approach to help them develop their teams knowledge by using shopper and customer insights to develop Sell-In Stories and applying them in their day to day work. As part of the programme, key activities were based around 4 phases, keeping in mind a win-win-win approach (for shoppers, customer and brand)

A Team that Know, Understand, Believe and Act

At the end of the training, participants had the skills and knowledge to generate deep and meaningful insights from data, creating a deep understanding of their customer / shopper behaviours and attitudes. From the insights generated in the training this helped the team to develop meaningful implementation and action plans.


Pepsico Building Competencies in Developing Shopper Insights

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Overall, the training is valuable to my work especially in understanding the real need of shoppers and sharing this with buyers for win-win situations, actions and value for business.

Key Account Manager

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