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Delivering a Company Wide Shopper and Customer Marketing Programme

Bringing together S&CM

Create a training that would deliver the client’s vision for S&CM, of “being recognised by strategic customers as the leading company for marketing at the Point of Sale in the skin and beauty care category”

A Personalised Training for All Markets

XPotential worked with Beiersdorf to develop a programme to train their S&CM teams to deliver best in class brand activation at the PoS . The training introduced a variety of specialised tools and approaches in an interactive and engaging way, with learning centred around a local business case. The training was kicked off with a successful pilot, then spread to other markets.

Delivering Best in Class Brand Activation at the PoS

Within the first year, 11 key markets had invested in the training and 200 colleagues were trained. 95% of all participants rated the training’s value for business as “Good” or “Very good”. Since the launch 345 team members have been trained and are seeing positive results across their markets.



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I believe that with this great training we can become a more competent partner, firstly as a separate department within the company, and secondly as a partner to our customers and shoppers.

Shopper & Customer Marketing Manager

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