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Growing with Super-Claiming

Aspiring to be an Innovative, Inspiring and Relevant Skincare Expert The NIVEA Visage Russia Vision of 2015 aspired to be a top 3 face care brand, perceived as innovative, inspiring and relevant skincare expert, making women confident about their appearance, easily accessible to consumers and shoppers. As a step in turning this vision to reality, NIVEA Visage Russia approached XPotential to develop Super-Claims to boost their Eye Make Up Remover (EMR) product. This was their top selling SKU in volume and value and had formerly helped NIVEA visage achieve #1 position in the eye cleansing market.

Turning Insights, Benefits and Features into Super-Claims

XPotential worked with the brand team to review the brands market research to understand it’s Russian consumer insights, product usage and product information (formulas, claims, reviews) for NIVEA and competitors. A brand centric approach was then used to generate claims around benefits and features. In total 16 Super-Claims were developed and backed up by consumer Insight, clear reasons to believe and suggested actions. These Super-Claims were then prioritised by ability to implement and ability to impact market share. These prioritised Super-Claims were tested in the Russian market with the final selected Super-Claims developed into a POS communication on the product using “crowns”. Communication focused on the Super-Claim and the reason to believe.

Outstanding Growth

The initiative was launched in Market in October 2011. EMR standard lotion grew by 24% in Q4 2011 versus the similar period in 2010. Sell out in key customers was dramatic with corresponding sell-out at Auchan of EMR increased 30% in Oct-Dec vs. the previous year and at Rive Gauche of Bi phase EMR lotion increased 94% in October 2011. Market share increased for overall cleansers by just under 1% and for EMR segment by 2%. NIVEA went from #3 to #2 in EMR (ahead of L’Oreal). The return on investment for the crowns project was a fantastic 680%. The team then rolled-out the Super-Claim crowner initiative across Cleansing Gels with TVC Support.

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Developing Consumer Insights into Super Claims