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Elizabeth Arden

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Forming an Inspiring Future

Creating an aligned International Business

Elizabeth Arden had undergone a modern transformation, focusing on innovation, brand development and global expansion which helped it to become the 24th biggest cosmetics company in the world. The business had traditionally been reliant on the US market, but needed to build global size and image to be seen as truly global by international customers and consumers.

With the target of reaching US $1 billion, Elizabeth Arden identified the need to align and focus their teams on the most effective and efficient strategy and activities.

Developing a Comprehensive and Aligned Vision and Strategy

XPotential worked with Elizabeth Arden to develop a comprehensive and aligned vision and strategy for the international business.

To kick off the process a series of interviews were conducted with key stakeholders of the business along with an in depth review of existing information and research for new information. A detailed analysis report was then prepared and shared with workshop participants as preparation for the 2 day vision and strategy workshop.
During the workshop, the team reviewed Key Issues and brainstormed the ideal future within key elements. They compared these elements’ ideals to the current business and developed the Vision Statement.

Next, they identified the key strategies to achieve the vision, followed by tactics and measures for implementing the strategies using the Strategic Framework format
Finally next steps were determined to bring the Vision to life

A Solid Foundation for an Inspiring Future

Following the workshop the final vision and strategy was shared across the international business. A clear action plan and KPI’s to measure against each agreed strategic measure was put in place.

Elizabeth Arden’s sales in fiscal 2011 achieved record highs.
In the following year (2012), results continued to improve, with international net sales growing by 9.8%

Elizabeth Arden Brand Strategy and Vision

Elizabeth Arden

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We continue to work with XPotential because their brand-focused, professional and friendly approach brings the best out in our teams; aligning and motivating them, and delivering strong valued results for our business

Dirk Trappman, Executive Vice President and General Manager International

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