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‘Make Life Simple’

Making Krungsri more accessible

After an Innovation Workshop with XPotential, Krungsri launched the concept of ‘Make Life Simple’ with great success, but the message still needed to be strengthened with both customers and the internal audience. The Big Idea for the following year, ‘Time Hero’, was aligned to Krungsri’s target audience but did not have the required effect on the creating a perception of accessibility of the bank for customers. XPotential were asked to support Krungsri in renewing the challenge to be the Bank that stands for Simplicity with both the financial community as well as its new and loyal customers.

Developing Deep Consumer Insight

‘To connect with consumers effectively and maximise the return on brand investments, insight is key.’ Target consumers were recruited and focus groups were conducted to help us uncover understandings of their banking behaviours, interests and personality traits. Following the focus groups, participants also completed the XPotential Pathfinder™ Personality Questionnaire, one of the most in-depth psychometric tools in the world. The finding were analysed from both the qualitative and psychometric results to deliver a deep insight report. Led by the report findings, XPotential ran a workshop with the Krungsri leadership team to help them develop communication concepts that were tailored effectively to the target consumers.

A stronger consumer understanding

The project delivered 5 strong Insight Areas (plus a number of additional ideas) reflecting deep attitudinal / emotional understanding of the target audience to develop into Activations with higher order definitions and benefits of Accessibility and Simplicity for customers. The deeper insights from Clara uncovered some surprises for the team, such as a strong male-female difference that was previously unknown. These insights were developed into 15 distinctive, competitive ideas for innovation in products and communications, with key ideas for each of the Krungsri product categories. Following the workshop “Go Mobile” and “The 24/7 Bank” ideas were brought to life by the team, reflecting the insights that “Free and Easy” consumers can show strong commitment when they feel valued in a relationship, and that they value simple, common sense solutions that save them time.

Krungsri Developing Deep Consumer Insight Krungsri Developing Deep Consumer Insight