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Defining a Motivating Future

Aligning to Grow

In 2005, La Prairies new leadership team sought the help of XPotential, to assess the strengths and opportunities facing their luxury skincare brand and to determine a motivating vision and strategy for achievement. Understanding of issues, and alignment behind the new vision would be vital.

Determining, Developing and Reaching a Vision

XPotential worked with La Prairie to achieve an understanding of internal and external issues and opportunities. From here they supported them in developing an inspiring vision and strategy for the brand, and in communicating it in a motivating and actionable way throughout the organisation. This was supported by tools for decision making and key performance measures, supported by regular meetings to ensure alignment and progress.

Reaching their Goals and Beyond

Following the program, La Prairie exceeded nearly all KPIs and the Group accelerated per annum growth to +21% from 2004-2008. La Prairie became acknowledged as the third main pillar for the Beiersdorf Skin Care Business.

La Prairie

La Prairie Creating a Brand Vision and Strategy

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Through XPotential’s thorough, in-depth and insight driven approach, we were able to succeed in developing and delivering an inspiring Vision and Strategy, which resulted in fantastic accelerated growth for the brand.

Dirk Trappmann, President La Prairie

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