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People & Team Development

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We help to motivate and lead individuals and teams using competency development and active learning.

Aligning your business on clarity of purpose and direction are critical to drive sustainable growth for your brands and provide the leadership people need to explode their potential.

Our People & Team Development programmes engage your people to uncover opportunities and barriers to maximise growth potential and will aid in the alignment on how to prioritise resources to achieve your goals.

Change Management Processes


XPotential People & Team Development Our Programmes

Below you will find our core programmes for People and Team Development, however if you have something else in mind, consultancy or training, we can work with you to create a bespoke programme to meet your brand challenges and objectives.

Living the Brand

A company wide training programme to validate and articulate your brands mission, vision, positioning, values and behaviours within the market. Bringing to life your brand in every department and external partner.

Change Management

A comprehensive programme to explore the culture and core values of an organisation, to define roles and responsibilities and ways of working.

Creating a Feedback Culture

A company wide cross-functional interactive training that helps to bring a feedback culture to life in your organisation. Teams will understand how feedback gives added value to the business and offers a framework and set of tools on how to give and receive formal and informal feedback, along with an agreed set of rules to live the feedback culture back in the business.

Competency Framework Development

A collaborative approach in developing a robust and focused competency framework for sales and marketing, along with a comprehensive roll out plan with an option for training and team assessment.


The HBDI Whole Brain® Model is a time-tested assessment to decode and harness the cognitive diversity of individuals, teams, and organizations. By using this model, we can uncover the importance of different thinking preferences, how your team thinks, communicates and how to use this knowledge to elevate your teams’ way of working to get them working at their best. This tool can be used as a standalone for teams or as part of one of our programmes.


The world’s most comprehensive psychometric tool for the assessment of preferences in individuals, teams and organisations. SuccessFinder can be used to build strong teams, identify future leaders, retain high performers and increase team productivity. This tool can be used as a standalone for individuals, coaching and teams or as part of one of our programmes.

Coaching – Individual & Teams

Through our experienced coaches, we can offer bespoke programmes for individuals, teams and leaders to maximise their full potential.

Train the Trainer

Our unique XPotential approach in developing teams of trainers and ambassadors ensuring the sustainable implementation of training/change across the organisation.

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