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Innovation is one of the main drivers of Brand Value. With great innovation, customers and consumers will buy more frequently and buy more across your product range. Innovation is not just product focussed, great innovation can also cover communication, point of sale, processes, training and people.

Our Innovation Strategy programmes encompasses a number of programmes to help organisations to develop stronger and more successful breakthrough, brand centric and brand building innovations.

All of our Innovation Strategy programmes are fully flexible to deliver on your business objectives.

Delivering Innovation through Innovation Strategy - XPotential


Delivering Innovation through Innovation Strategy - XPotential Our Programmes

Below you will find our core programmes for Delivering Innovation, however if you have something else in mind all our programmes are customisable to your needs.

Innovation in NPD

A tried and tested approach to new product concepts based on strategic challenge, consumer and professional insights, and the existing or new Brand

Innovation Process Training

A brand centric approach to building innovation skills within an organisation using active learning as a way to generate understanding and action around a core business process


A brand centric approach to generating additional claims and benefits, usages and users using existing products and services as the foundation for new communication

Co-Creation Lab

Co-Creation Lab is an opportunity to improve the chance for your innovation to succeed, by working with consumers to improve the innovation and the description by testing with consumers around the world to qualify and finalise the concepts

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