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We believe that brands are the most important assets of your business and your people are the most important resource in building brands.

We empower organisations and align their people to maximise the value of their brand(s).

All of our programmes are designed with your brand and objectives in mind. We believe that every individual in an organisation has a role to play in adding value and growth to its brands.

We apply all of our programmes around the concept of KNOW, UNDERSTAND, BELIEVE and ACT. We ensure that all participants know and understand the objectives, determine the outcomes or progress so they believe and act on them when at work. At the end there are clear actions for every individual and team to take away and apply to the business.

We listen, understand, develop and implement tailor-made programmes and tools to deliver your business objectives through your people.

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XPotential – We Help Build Brands to Create Brand Value and Equity


Our Programme Pillars

XPotential Building Brands

Brand Building

Delivering sustainable strategies, development and management of brands

Delivering Innovation through Innovation Strategy - XPotential

Delivering Innovation

Creating breakthrough brand building innovations

Sales & Shopper Marketing – Deliver, Communicate and Build Brands – XPotential

Sales & Shopper Marketing

Creating winning opportunities in store with customers and shoppers

XPotential People & Team Development

People & Team Development

Motivating and leading individuals and teams using competency development and executive learning

Market Intelligence and Insights – Developing Powerful Insights – XPotential

Market Intelligence & Insights

The development of sustainable, powerful and deep insights and understanding

XPotential Partnerships


At XPotential, we have collaborated with three incredible businesses to bring further innovation and growth to clients