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We help to develop winning strategies and communications through deep and powerful insights and understandings.

An insight is the starting point that enables a brand’s activities to fit meaningfully into the lives of its consumers. Without insight and understanding activities can appear random and ineffective.

Our Market Intelligence and Insights programmes offer a number of ways to meet your business objectives by digging deep into your customer, competitor, consumer/shopper and developing meaningful and powerful insights and understandings.

Market Intelligence and Insights – Developing Powerful Insights – XPotential


Market Intelligence and Insights – Developing Powerful Insights – XPotential Our Programmes

Below you will find our core programmes for Market Intelligence & Insights, however if you have something else in mind, consultancy or training, we can work with you to create a bespoke programme to meet your brand challenges and objectives.

Insight Process Development

A brand centric insight generation approach to looking at the tools and process to get a powerful and deep understanding of consumer/shopper/customer behaviours and attitudes.

Consumer and Shopper Insights Process

A practical and pragmatic approach to development of powerful consumer and shopper insights based on relevant information leading to outstanding innovation and communication.


A process that enables teams to ‘think ahead’ of the competition and consider factors that might threaten or strengthen a product or product launch/positioning.

Integrated Communications

A communication strategy development process using consumer/shopper/customer insights to generate a more efficient and effective communication strategy across all relevant media touch points.

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