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An insight is the starting point that enables a brand’s activities to fit meaningfully into the lives of its consumers. Without insight and understanding activities can appear random.

Our Market Intelligence and Insights programmes offer a number of ways to meet your business objectives by digging deep into your customer, competitor, consumer/shopper and developing meaningful and powerful insights and understandings.

All of our Market Intelligence & Insight programmes are fully flexible to deliver on your business objectives.

Market Intelligence and Insights – Developing Powerful Insights – XPotential


Market Intelligence and Insights – Developing Powerful Insights – XPotential Our Programmes

Below you will find our core programmes for Market Intelligence and Insights, however if you have something else in mind all our programmes are customisable to your needs.

Insight Process Development

A brand centric insight generation approach looking at the tools and process to get a powerful and deep understanding of consumer/ shopper/customer behaviours and attitudes

Consumer and Shopper Insights Process

A Practical and pragmatic approach to development of powerful consumer and shopper insights based on relevant information leading to outstanding innovation and communication


A process that enables teams to ‘think ahead’ of the competition and consider other factors that might threaten or strengthen the performance of a product or product launch/ positioning.


A unique approach to align teams around deep, reliable consumer attitudinal understanding. Allowing teams to develop profound insights that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities.

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