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The Blue Ocean of Training and Consultancy

June 22, 2018

Blue Ocean Strategy

Training is seen as a cost. It is seen as theoretical, academic and artificial, not practical, difficult to measure without a clear result and is all focused on the individual.

Consultancy is arrogant, tactical and uninspiring.  Focused on immediate solutions for business issues leaving no long term learning or behavioural change behind.

With XPotential we wanted to be different, so we created a completely new model.  It’s training with a clear behavioural change and ROI.  We teach and facilitate your people using practical tools and apply them to a real life challenge for the business. We inspire them to believe in their personal ability to bring about and deliver real and sustainable change for your Brands and the Business.

If you want smarter people, why wouldn’t you have them immediately deliver business results? And if you want an immediate business result why wouldn’t you make your people smarter while you have them……..it makes no sense to do it differently!