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Building a community of happier, healthier minds, bodies and souls

April 23, 2020

Building a community of happier, healthier minds, bodies and souls - XPotential Blog

”Make Connections a Daily Priority for Healthy mind and Body”

The Coronavirus Crisis forced us to dramatically change our daily life and behaviours, with a potentially damaging effect from isolation and uncertainty.  The fitness industry, being a people business, knows the importance of fitness to uplift the physical and mental health of our communities.

Businesses, such as FitWorks Training, have begun to set examples for creating value through enabling access to the tools, knowledge and inspiration of fitness and wellbeing.  Enabling individuals to be independent but safe, giving them the freedom to make healthy choices without feeling out of control.

As the crisis created a tsunami of change within our communities, FitWorks Training jumped online, creating a virtual home and space for their members, with the added value of an online timetable of live Zoom Workouts and a new private members page. This brought members access to Daily Workouts, Motivational Support and Nutritional Advice, as well as free meditation classes to give members guidance to introduce mental health practises into their healthy lifestyle journeys. 

As a result of their proactive approach to the crisis and their passion to bring their members even more value than before, Facebook likes on their business page increased by 29% and attendance to the online classes from March to April increased by 59% with current members being able to attend more often due to easier access. Days that would normally find 30 people attending the FitWorks Training physical locations has more than doubled, with ease of access from our homes, plus a Membership Net Gain of 12 during the month of April.

Despite this time of adaptation, FitWorks Training, reaffirmed their belief that their members are family.  They stepped up, worked harder to look after their family even more, to ensure that despite the situation, people would benefit from happier, healthier minds, bodies and souls.