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Bringing Marketing Competencies to Life in Consumer Healthcare – A Case Study

September 20, 2023

To drive their vision in establishing a growing, autonomous and sustainable Consumer HealthCare business, a major pharmaceutical HR department knew that it had to start transforming and prioritising the development of its people. And so, they sought the help of XPotential to build a comprehensive marketing competency framework and competency assessment to elevate their team, identifying development opportunities that in turn will help deliver outstanding growth for their Consumer Healthcare Marketing Department.


Getting the CHC Marketing team ready with right competencies

Developing Marketing Competencies - XPotential

XPotential worked with the HR and Marketing Teams to understand what competencies were currently in place and sent a questionnaire to key stakeholders across the various functions and target countries to assess the needs from the different markets and global teams. From these results and a review of best practice competency models, XPotential drafted the CHC Marketing Competency Framework, identifying 10 key areas for focus. We then held a 1-day ‘co-creation’ workshop with a team of key stakeholders to define and finalise the framework. From here the framework was finalised, with sign off from the Vice President Global Strategic Operations, and then rolled out to the entire CHC marketing team supported by webinars and online support.


Identifying areas for development through a comprehensive online assessment

To keep the momentum going the HR department assigned XPeople (powered by Aprais) to carry out a comprehensive assessment of its marketing community based on behaviours demonstrated against the new marketing framework. This allowed the HR team to get a full view of the marketing community from global view down to regional team, markets and individual levels. This provided not only the current state but more importantly a deep understanding of the areas for development for each individual and country team. These results enabled local managers to have the right conversations with their people in order to develop them in the right way. Through XPeople, the client was also able to identify centres of excellence in terms of geographical areas and even down to individuals – whose expertise may be utilised in sharing of best practices across teams and regions.


Example of Competency Report between Manager and Individual and Global Team Competency Overview

Developing Marketing Competencies - XPotential           


Bringing the marketing competencies to life to build excellence in people

Through XPotential, the co-developed CHC Marketing Competency Framework, was integrated into the CHC Marketing community’s daily lives… and as such, bringing marketing competencies and development opportunities to life and building a foundation for excellence in their people, helping deliver outstanding growth for the Consumer Healthcare Marketing Department.


How XPotential can help you to bring your marketing and sales competencies to life

Our goal is to help our clients accelerate their growth potential, aligning their people to a brand centric strategy and building their competencies that empower them to create value for the business.

Our competency building programmes are flexible to your needs and we will work together with you to find a solution that works for your business and brand. We can offer full competency framework design to training academies to help your teams to bring out their full potential.

We have also partnered up with Aprais to bring you a comprehensive assessment of your teams’ competencies which supports both team and individual development, ensuring that your Teams can be the best they can be.

Want to know more? We are always happy to chat. Email theteam@xpotential.co.uk to find out more and to set up a call.