"Brands are the most important assets of your business and your people are the most important resource in building Brands."
Steve Sowerby, Founder, XPotential


Annual Santa Fun Run

On Sunday 3rd December, members of the XPotential team took to the streets of Marlow to take part in the towns annual Santa Fun Run.
An event hosted by the local Rotary Clubs, the 5k race see's 2500 Santa's take part in this local event.

Communicating through the Crowd

We are at a tipping point, where our consumer’s attention is being stretched to the physiological limit, where with so many distractions that they consume even less quality information as their patience is reduced to milliseconds. We have, as brand builders, less and less opportunity to grab their attention so that we can make our case. This minutiae sliver of time that we have is almost too fast for the Human brain to rationally take in information, compute as to its relevance and result in an action or further thought about considering or buying. This means that our messages have to touch the subconscious, the emotional, the limbic brain, which works on sensation and feeling. This is the most powerful part of our physiology when it comes to the most fundamental decisions that we take as Human beings. To read more click here


Getting Under the Skin of Consumers - Going Beyond Culture and Behaviour

Individuals feel safer when they surround themselves with others that share their values and this must be the same with Brands. The time for living and distinguishing yourself through features and benefits is long gone. In the majority of categories we will find that most products will deliver the same functional benefits. The speed of innovation, the ability to copy, the sharing of information instantly has meant that any advantage gained through functionality is equalled within weeks, so we must appeal to the softer side of our audience. To read more click here


Deeply understanding people who connect with our Brands

The term ‘consumer’ has been used over the last decades to identify the user of our brands. This is in fact an artefact of ancient history when in a simpler world we regressed to try to find easier ways to identify convenient targets for advertising strategies. Now that we begin to see the effect of technology on the attitudes and mind-set of individuals in our communities, we have to change the way we connect with them. To read more click here


Time to Invest in our Most Important Resource for Building Brands

I’ve always believed that Brands are the most important asset of our businesses and that our people are our most important resource when it comes to building Brands. So I was shocked recently to read that in a global survey of companies, only 13% of employees were engaged and working in a positive way, 63% were not engaged and worse still 24% were actively disengaged. To read more click here


The Increasing Importance of Brand Purpose

In a world that is progressively chaotic, fragmented, individualistic and complex, building strong brands and identities that break out of the clutter is increasingly difficult. Technology has made it easy for people to copy features, functional benefits, design and all of the traditional ways in which we believed that we would differentiate our offer. Competition reacts fast and any differentiation is quickly overcome. To read more click here


Changing The Future For OTC In APAC


The OTC Industry is still only growing at 4.3%, which is vastly under-representing the tremendous potential of this industry.

We had the opportunity to begin to change the future of OTC, with a team of 30 industry leaders and practitioners, at our Winning in the OTC Pharmacy workshop.

Working on a practical case, we developed consumer and shopper persona, customer profiles, category insights and developed Win Win Win opportunities to grow the probiotic category faster in the Thai market.

Situated in Bangkok, this training was focused on practical tools, tips, and techniques, which can be easily integrated into existing business cultures and across different categories of brands.

It was great to see participants from all different countries including Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea. As well as representing different functions, including Sales, Distributor Teams, Trade Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Finance, Training & Development, R&D, and Agencies. This only goes to prove that building brands is a responsibility across the organisation and not limited to Marketing.

If the enthusiasm, attention, and application of these workshop individuals, is indicative of what they put into their daily lives and apply back in their businesses, the future for our industry is bright and we may achieve the rightful level of growth, which our communities demand for their wellbeing.


OTC Action Workshop 5th April - Munich


On the 5th April, The OTC Training Academy hosted an OTC Action Workshop as part of the Nicholas Hall and Company OTC Insights Conference. The day saw the delegates reviewing best practices in digital marketing, and how you can make the best use of new technological advancements, including wearable devices and other innovations, there is a real buzz around the room as teams get together to review different formats, devices and the endless possibilities!!
The morning session saw delegates brainstorming in groups as baby boomers, millennials, veterans and generation X. Divulging marketing tactics and strategies through working together with people from varied OTC industry based roles is one way we teach our delegates to win in pharmacy! Click here for more pictures and updates from the day


OTC Action Workshop and Conference 5th-7th April Munich

Join Steve at this years OTC Action Workshop (part of the 28th OTC Insight European Conference) where Steve will be discussing focus on the rising impact of digital marketing, wearable devices and other innovative new technologies, and what they can add to your OTC portfolio.

Join us for a session in training your people to embrace these new technologies, and exploring the role that devices and other adjacencies can
play in shaping both your OTC offering, and the wider OTC / consumer healthcare landscape across Europe and beyond

Tickets available at http://bit.ly/2jI8j5Q


Open Workshop - Winning in OTC Pharmacy

A two day Open Workshop, 22 - 23 September 2016.
Sofitel Heathrow, London


  • To build essential skills for teams to ‘Win in OTC Pharmacy’ through a Brand Building approach, aligning all key departments and individuals with tips, techniques and pragmatic tools


  • Participants to understand how to develop understanding of key stakeholders (customer, healthcare professionals, consumers, brand and competitors)
  • How to develop sales opportunities and solutions in a consistent and consultative way, that will add greatest competitive advantage for your brands

Sales, Shopper & Customer Marketing, Detailing

Download Brochure and Booking Form.

XPotential Joins the ASMI

XPotential is now a member of the Australian Self Medication Industry.

ASMI is the peak body representing companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of consumer healthcare products in Australia. Since its establishment in 1974, ASMI has focussed its efforts on supporting the progress and development of the non-prescription medicines industry which incorporates both over-the-counter (OTC) and complementary products (CM).

Jewellery Union of Industries

On March 16th, Sergio Santos presented to the Jewellery Union of Industries and their members, a lecture on 'Consumer Behaviour'. Speaking to 20 retailer representatives, Sergio examined the buying process, external influences, motivations and the values ​​that influence purchase behaviour.
To read more about the lecture and for photos follow the link: http://bit.ly/1LDiIZz


Survey - Taking the Pulse of the OTC Industry

XPotential has teamed up with Nicholas Hall to launch a new initiative for the industry: The OTC Training Academy.
The Academy will provide a suite of training programmes tailored to the OTC Industry’s new needs.
Before finalising the programmes, we would like to ask people working in the OTC Industry what they think.
As a thank you for your time, all named contributors will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 10 copies of Nicholas Hall’s OTC YearBook 2015 (electronic version) and will also receive a consolidated report summarising the results.

Click here to access the survey

OTC Action Workshop

Join Steve at this years Nicholas Hall OTC Action Workshop (part of the 27th OTC Insight European Conference) where Steve and Nicholas will be discussing new tips and techniques for delivering innovation through both People and Super-Claims. They will review best practices and demonstrate tools to build customer, shopper and consumer insights; and leverage regulatory claims, product features and functional benefits to develop practical and pragmatic solutions to grow Brands. Tickets available at bit.ly/1RLYcG1


20th International Health Forum

On the 13th November Steve presented ‘Reinventing the Pharmacy’ at the Wort & Bild Verlag 20th International Health Forum.
The theme of the event was: “Artificial Intelligence - Smart Networks - Perfect Partners; How the Combined Power will Change Healthcare.
Check out Steve’s interview from the event here: bit.ly/1kPCmFx


XPotential Youth Rugby Challenge

On the 14th November, XPotential hosted the ‪#‎XPotentialYouthRugbyChallenge2015‬ in Chonburi, Thailand for Thai youth rugby players across the country in collaboration with Brunsworth Australia Co., Ltd and ‪#‎InstituteofPhysicalEducationChonburiCampus‬.
Well done to all teams from across Thailand that took part and special congratulations to the winning boy’s team from Dhebsirin Samutprakarn and the winning girl's team from Pimai Wittaya School from Nakonratchasrima.


We are looking forward to XPotential Youth Rugby Challenge tomorrow.
We are grateful to be a part of this amazing event, supporting Thai kids to explode their sporting potential.

The Youth Rugby Challenge is back for another Year

We are proud once again to be organizing the U16 Youth Rugby Challenge this year in Thailand together with the Thai Rugby Union, Brunsworth and IPE Chonburi. We are passionate believers that everyone has the potential for great things, and what better way to start building this mind-set at a young age than through sport. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon!


OTC Action Workshop in Bangkok: Winning with OTC in Thailand

Join Steve Sowerby and Nicholas Hall on the 25th November for an OTC Action Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. Taking place over the course of a day, the workshop will offer marketers new insights into how ‘Winning with OTC in Thailand’ can be achieved. Both experts will lead discussions on some of the most pressing topics affecting OTC players, including how to apply a varied OTC marketing mix within the local environment, updating delegates on developments in the global and regional OTC arenas, as well as looking at retailer trends.

 Click here to book your place


Nicholas Hall's Asian OTC Conference 2015

In October Steve Sowerby will be speaking at Nicholas Hall's Asian OTC Conference 2015: Expanding Brands Across Asia-Pacific, giving an Exposé of the OTC Market in Thailand. Click here to book your place


Celebrating 10 Years of aligning individuals and organisations to create and deliver brand equity

Our latest updates, newsletters and selected case studies are available in the 'Did You Know' area of 'About Us'.


Connect with us


XPotential are now a part of the Nicholas Hall Partners Network


Nicholas Hall's OTC INSIGHT 26th European OTC Conference

Steve Sowerby is speaking at Nicholas Hall's OTC INSIGHT 26th European OTC Conference on the 17th April. The topic; Coping with a Changing Self-Medication Retail Environment. For more information or to book tickets go to: https://lnkd.in/eVECe99


2014 ASMI Conference

Steve Sowerby, the founder of XPotential was invited to speak at Novembers ASMI conference, (Australian Self Medication Industry) held in Sydney.


Steve’s session was entitled ‘Postcards from around the Globe – Global best Practice in Healthcare Retailing.’


During the conference Steve was interviewed by Will Marquand, Deputy Editor of Retail Pharmacy Magazine. The interview was published in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue.

Read the article here


新年快樂 - Happy Chinese New Year!



Honey Buzz - How does your consumer behave?

This month, Elizabeth gave a fascinating talk about Clara at an exclusive invite-only Honey Buzz debate at Soho House. Guests including leading industry professionals and entrepreneurs debated how research data should be assessed, what psychometric tests tell us about consumer behaviour, how to get inside the heads of their consumers, and how this data can be used to deliver

commercial growth.

Click here to find out more


2014 Under 16 Youth Rugby Challenge


XPotential Thailand has been the main supporter for Under 16 Youth Rugby Challenge since 2007 along with Tourism Authority of Thailand and Brunsworth Australia.


This year, the tournament was held on 15th – 16th November 2014, at the Institute of Physical Education Chonburi Campus Stadium.

Well done to all teams from across Thailand that took part and special congratulations to the winning boy’s team from Prince Royal College, Chiang Mai and Pimai Wittaya School from Nakonratchasrima.

If you are interested in the event, please visit www.facebook.com/youthrugbychallenge  



At the recent annual conference for the Association of Sales and Marketing of Brazil - Parana Section (ADVB-PR), XPotential founder Steve Sowerby gave an engaging presentation about ‘Exploding the Potential of the Brain’. 


Presenting at the FTD Digital Arena, the talk demonstrated a tool at the forefront of psychology that can be used to understand the deeper motivations and attitudes of consumers.


Recent XPotential client case studies showed how the tool can add greater value to brands by building better and longer lasting relationships and communications with customers, shoppers and consumers.



In August 2014, we had the opportunity to start working with the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, a UN member organisation whose aim is to help women to live a healthier and better sexual life.


By helping the Thai UNFPA Team to develop a clear and differentiating positioning and running a communication development workshop, we were able to support them on building an engaging communication framework, for implementation to a targeted private stakeholder audience.  Feedback from the UNFPA workshop participants rated the workshop as excellent.  We will continue to support the UNFPA as they implement their communication strategy as a part of our CSR program.


Introducing Clara Real Insights® (Clara), a new and unique insight process that probably develops the deepest consumer understanding possible. Visit our page Clara Insights to find out more.



On 13th February 2014, we held a seminar at the British Chamber of Commerce (BCCT) on "Why Great Marketing Managers Don't make Great General Managers?" The seminar combines insightful presentations on the career profiles from ‘Pathfinder’ Career System, the world’s most comprehensive psychometric tool, with practical exercises and feedback on how to use these insights to develop high potential individuals.  According to the feedback conducted by BCCT,  93.18% said that the workshop lived up their expectations and was relevant to their job. Furthermore, 93.18% said the objective of the workshop were clear to them and they will be able to use the content learned in their job. We were also delighted that 95.45% said the trainer was well-prepared and helpful. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


We are very excited to let you know that our content was among the top 2% of most viewed on SlideShare in 2013; with 16,561 views! It would take the Venice Simplon Orient Express with its 17 carriages 88 journeys to take that many people to Venice, it would take 32 A380's to fly that many people from London to Dubai and it would take 7 Queen Mary II to take that many people on a round the world cruise!


Photo: Between June 2013 and December 2013 XPotential offset 35.99 tonnes of tonnes of carbon dioxide through greenhouse gas reduction projects in order to reduce the rate of global climate change. To find out more about offsetting you carbon footprint visit www.climatecare.org

Between June and December 2013 XPotential UK offset 35.99 tonnes of carbon dioxide through greenhouse gas reduction projects in the hope of reducing the rate of global climate change.


XPotential Associate, Kevin McFarthing writes about the 6P's of Radical Innovation for Large Companies in this book. Why not take a look and see what he has to say.


In November 2013, 17 teams from Bangkok and up-country Thai provinces came together to contest the 17th annual XPotential Under 16's Rugby Challenge. This years winners were Surawittayakarn School, Surin (pictured above) and the winning girls team was Pimai Wittaya, Korat. The event was organised by Colonel David Dufall, who lined up for this years event saying "the standard of youth rugby continues to improve year-on-year, this bodes well for both the men and womens national selectors in the coming years." XPotential were delighted to sponsor this event an would like to congratulate everyone that took part.


XPotential are proud to have just completed their first project with their newest client, Dewhurst. Dewhurst, who are best known for their high quality push buttons, are market leaders in the supply of control systems and components including keypad technologies for the elevator, rail, retail and banking industries. We worked with Dewhurst on their 2016 vision & strategy to help align the global team when working towards their future goals. 


We would like to congratulate Mike Harley, Country Director of XPotential Australia who has just been appointed on to the board of Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA). Sports Dietitians Australia are a professional organisation of dietitians specialising in the field of sports nutrition. Mike will work with the Marketing and Communications committee to ensure strong governance, expert opinion and input into program development.  


Following on from our post below we are pleased to announce LEGENDAIRY kicked off in Australia today (Wednesday 24th July) with the LEGENDAIRY sponsorship of Melbourne Victory's friendly match against Liverpool FC at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Victory players sported the LEGENDAIRY strip and the first screening of the 'Milkorade' television commercial took place. The advert highlights milk's role in post exercise muscle recovery. You can view Dairy Australia's commercial by clicking on the picture above. 


Percolate XPotential are supporting Dairy Australia to rejuvenate the reputation of the Australian dairy industry, by developing an engaging brand story that will clarify the Dairy's potential role in the long-term sustainable economic and nutritional development of Australia and key export markets. Click on the picture above to take a look at their LEGENDAIRY video.



We are proud to announce XPotential have embarked upon an exciting venture Down Under with Percolate Consulting. Our new colleague Mike Harley will launch XPotential in Australia and New Zealand.

Mike has more than 20 years leadership experience in general management, global and domestic marketing, strategy and innovation across multiple Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies. He has worked for leading FMCG companies in Australasia, Asia, Latin America and Europe including Reckitt, Colman and Fonterra. His most recent role as Marketing & Innovation Director at National Foods provided the leadership to refocus the business strategy on brand building and innovation through greater consumer and customer focus.


18th Bangok 7's, 26-28th October 2012

NZ4Nations from New Zealand stormed to victory in the 18th Bangkok Rugby Sevens Tournament after an emphatic 53-7 win over the Hong Kong Lions at the Police Stadium. The New Zealand team put on a superlative display of attacking rugby throughout the the tournament and were deserved winners of the 'Colonel's Cup'.

In an entertaining tussle between two Thai teams, it was Chiang Mai Tigers who came out on top of Mahasarkham in the 'Tenderloins Bowl' with a hard fought 15 - 5 victory.

For the 'Check Inn 99' Women's Cup final, Srinakarinvirot University team amazingly whitewashed Thammasartklongluang 14-0, becoming the winner of the women's cup.

As always the tournament was well organised by David Dufall and his wife, Kate. XPotential are proud to sponsor and be part of such a big event and would like to congratulate everyone who took part.

Jewellery Union of Industries

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