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It was really lovely working together with XPotential, we have gained amazing super claiming results [using Clara] which will definitely help us to grow the business. Thanks for your great support and activating people to get wonderful results. Alexandra Mattern, International Brand Manager, Beiersdorf

Advantages of Clara

  • Unique and distinctive insights to build stronger brands.
  • The quantitative research elements uses Pathfinder (Successfinder) Career System  which is considered one of the world's most comprehensive and accurate psychometric tools.*
  • Pathfinder was built from over 40 years of research. The system is underpinned with statistical validation with over 40,000 individuals.
  • Reliable, accurate and deep insight into a target consumer's personality traits, interests and behaviours.
  • Flexibility to be applied to a variety of business challenges and target audiences.
  • Efficient process with reduced reliance on personal interpretation.
  • Better value for money giving the potential to increase ROI on communications.
  • Enhances participating team members' understanding and leveraging of deep insights.
  • Clara is currently available in the following languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Canadian French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish.


*The American Psychological Association (2005) found that the Pathfinder test classifies as a C-1 test. Pathfinder's test validity is 0.80 after 3 months and 0.86 after 3 years. On average, 85% of scores remain in the same region over 5 years. Mean reliability compared to other assessment tools. (Pathfinder: 0.74, California Psychological Inventory: 0.68, Personality Research Form: 0.72, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; 0.66, Guildford Zimmerman TS: 0.57, MMPI: 0.65)

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