"Brands are the most important assets of your business and your people are the most important resource in building Brands."
Steve Sowerby, Founder, XPotential


OTC Action Workshop in Bangkok: Winning with OTC in Thailand

Join Steve Sowerby and Nicholas Hall on the 25th November for an OTC Action Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. Taking place over the course of a day, the workshop will offer marketers new insights into how ‘Winning with OTC in Thailand’ can be achieved. Both experts will lead discussions on some of the most pressing topics affecting OTC players, including how to apply a varied OTC marketing mix within the local environment, updating delegates on developments in the global and regional OTC arenas, as well as looking at retailer trends.

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58% of Facebook users have liked a brand yet Facebook brand pages achieve an average engagement rate of only 1%.

86% of people skip TV adverts, let in 2012 brands still spent US$19.8billion on TV advertising.

The average shopper receives 3,000 marketing messages a day!

Strong brands have staying power! 30% of the world's 100 most valuable brands were developed before 1900.

20% of your customers will deliver 80% of your revenue!

Yahoo collects around 10 Terabytes of data on its customers each day, which is roughly as much as Tesco collect from their Club Card customers in a year.

A recent survey showed surprisingly 44% of Twitter users were happy to be alerted about special offers and new products. 48% had responded to an advert they had received and most startlingly of all 44% had actually referred a product alert onto a friend.

The average time browsing via a mobile device is nearly 3 hours a day!


77% of the online shoppers read consumer product reviews and ratings before purchasing a product.

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